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Not that I post all that much, but it is Anime Detour this weekend. Sometime today we will be headed to the hotel for setup. The hotel corporation has decided to provide wifi at the insidious cost of $10/day, so I will not be on much, and probably using the Caribou wifi across the street if I am.

There are still a few walk up registrations available. I would recommend getting there early if you do not have one.
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Arrive. Check in. Mark up my pocket guide. Hit a few panels and the party circuit. Signed up for blood donation. Drank at a few parties. Saw the Skepchicks use a bible for a door stop - awesome!

Art Show, Dealers, panels, Kelly's reading, Dana's reading, more panels, more parties. Drank lots of water in preparation for bleeding. Parties parties parties. Groping optionalmandatory.

Signing and talked to Lyda, panels, there was real food at some point on Saturday. Bled for a bit; it took 7 minutes, I am getting slow in my old age. 64oz+ of water did not seem to help me bleed faster, might have to try the Scotch treatment next time. Fought a Klingon and only got a flesh wound. More parties. More groping (no, I was the recipient). Emptied the Minicon keg.

Slow day, many people dragging. More panels, more real food, dead dog parties. Horrible horrible movie - The Apple. Good trailers and another great short by Emily Hagins.

Check out. Home. Relax. Look at all the Con pics that have been posted.
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[ profile] mattmn just posted the link to the Convergence Schedule - where [ profile] michaellee hosts it :

Con panels that I am on )

I am on a panel with Chewbacca! Squeee! Oh, yeah.

Chewbacca! What a Wookiee!

Edit: Corrected attributions

Marscon 08

Mar. 2nd, 2008 02:49 pm
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Friday -
Arrive, settle in. Torchwood panel. Comedy music from [ profile] ericcoleman and Worm Quartet. I was in the Drugs section of the Sex, Drugs, Satan yellie bit. Had I known, what was coming, I would have run over to the sex section. Parties, beer, Romulan ale, cereal, Batman, Shazam, tea, cake.

Saturday -
Sleep in, wander around, Dr Who panel, donate blood, view the art, become founding member of the society to keep Andy out of a school girl outfit, vidding panel, dinner, parties, British, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh RAF members en route to Arizona, tea, port, beer, Romulan ale, cereal, Voltron, School House Rock, Scotch, boobies, mooning, beer.

Sunday -
Sleep in, wander around, load up cars, check-out, sketch book from Alpha Shade, as Chapter Three was not yet ready, Hang out with the Klingons, drink Ramune, eat chips, head home.
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I have my first panel today. Should be interesting.
[ profile] mle292 was up early today and ran back to the house to grab the few remaining items that had been forgotten yesterday. She found out this morning that she would, in fact, be working lights for Masquerade. No shock there, but it would be great if the people in charge would let her know sometime before the beginning of the Con that she would spend almost all day Saturday behind the light console. I know she does it so that Skaht gets a break, but FFS, you'd think people that have been running that department for years would have their shit together enough to let people know. (PS, it is now official, she will be running it next year. Please plan panels accordingly, so MLE can attend the ones she wants)

Coffee, then the wandering starts. More later.

First panel went well. I was able to answer questions and opine, but it was mostly the Romeo show, which was great, since I did not need to worry about the panel in the least, just interject here and there. I actually think it is easier that way, since you get a feel for it, but do not feel the need to carry it.

Some light partying ensued, and much eating of tacos in the MISFITS party room. Oh, and much visiting with people.
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Arrived at 3pm to get checked in. Unloaded the car, put Star Wars on TV (HBO Family) and wandered around. Grabbed my badge (volunteers can get badges a day early). BGFE [ profile] mle292 arrived with TehDae a little later and we unloaded car #2. Some of it went to our room, and some to the MISFITS party room. Also dropped off a pile of 'old Who' at the Torchwood party. Then more wandering around. Stopped by the OmegaCon room party to say hi. Taped up some weapons for the Batleth competition.

Later we attended the Meet and Greet. Punch and mini-cream puffs ensued. Then more working on the MISFITS room party, which devolved into SMOF'ing, but we still put up many decorations.

Nap Time.


Jul. 5th, 2007 12:07 pm
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Getting ready for CONvergence. I am mostly packed and have stuff ready to go. The girls are headed out for last minute shopping and hair stuff. Soon I will eat as I am getting hungry. I seem to be front-ending the water intake as I have already put down 3 glasses of water and I have only been up for 2 hours.

Mostly non-spoilery viewing updates )

Random Meme-age )

Last night was Fireworks! First was a cook-out with friends and then walking to the watch the fireworks. It was a good show. 25 minutes of explosions of pretty light and loud booms!

Life is good.


Mar. 4th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Had a good time at Marscon.

The room parties were good and I went to several panels.  I saw the Star Wars panel, Dr Who panel, Panel about Nothing, OCP (not Robocop).  I made it through the dealers room and only dropped 39.50.  That got me one book, two graphic novels and a t-shirt.  I also did a partial shift selling Geek Prom tickets.

I also got to chat with Kelly McCullough.  I did not have my book to have him sign, and none were for sale, but he did sign a WebMage bookmark for me.  Good news in case you missed it, Kelly has a 4-book deal for the WebMage series, with one due each year.  He has the story arcs already planned out and Cybermancy (book two) will be out this year.

Participated in a round of 5-way Ultra-sinful hot-sex in the Klingon party room, which tasted good, but due to the number of hands I spilled half my drink on my arm.  If you have to ask, well, just get your mind out of the gutter.

Consuite was pretty good, they had the Starbuck's cold beverages, chips, pretzels, beans, hot water, and cold bottled water.  Ahhh.

Hung out with many people and generally had a good time.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:52 am
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Another goodly amount of snow has fallen. 
I managed half of the driveway before the the snow thrower ran out of gas.  BGFE [ profile] mle292 and I cleared the corner so I could get the Honda out and I ran to Home Depot to get the mix-oil and then to the gas station to fill up. Big sign at Home Depot announcing they were SOLD OUT of snow throwers and snow-shovels.  Fortunately, they still had plenty of the oil mix packages.  I bought extra this time. 

When I got back, MLE had finished the path from the street to the front door and all the way back to the garage!  I filled up the snow thrower and finished the driveway and cleared what the plows had left on the alley so it will be easier to get in and out.  Hopefully the neighbors plow service will be by soon to clear their portion of the driveway and make even easier.  I imagine their service is a bit busy and so I do not really expect them to be by until later.

And in other news, MARSCON!  Soon I will pack and do the last minute Con things and then off to the hotel.  Assuming, of course, that I do not need to be in Jury duty, which would suck, but I find the probability of them calling additional jurors on Friday afternoon with half the city shut down to be a very low risk.  I'll know in half an hour...

You can tell it is a snow day, as the VPN is slammed.  See, I wanted to update my Out Of Office, which I forgot to do last night when I left....


Nov. 15th, 2006 06:30 am
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Omegacon was great. I saw many many people and played several games, including at least one that was new to me. I also watched a few people play games (that were already in progress) including the craziness that appears to be Hex Hex. I would have been eaten by zombies sooner if not for the significantly-better-than-mine typing skills of [ profile] mattmn.

I also drank lots but did not get drunk. I don't know that I will ever be able to think of Apple Pie in the same way. ;)
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Home from the con. So tired. But I had a blast!

Long )
Oh, and TehDae starts Drivers-Ed in about 2 hours....
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I did not even post about Marscon! Jeez.

Well, now that everyone else has posted about it. It was a good time! Gigi was very entertaining and Dean was a very friendly geek boy. Life was good. I got to see a ton of my friends, stay up way to late, drink plenty (after giving blood, of course) and watch Geek Girls Gone Wild (next on Fox, right after when animals attack, cops, and when animals attack cops).

Next Up: Minicon. Yes, I am prereged, thanks for the reminder.
I know lots of people that will be at Anime Detour, but $50 for a Saturday afternoon and evening is a little on the steep side. I checked the site, but no mention of a day pass.

Speaking of sites lacking detail, BMC's support information is woefully lacking on the whole "Do you support Microsoft Virtual Server?" Answer. Looks like I need to open yet another informational ticket with them. Fortunately, their website makes it fairly easy, if you can find what the marketing department has renamed your product this week.

Autosaved Draft? Cool! Now both LJ and gmail have that feature. I suppose now is not the time to reminisce about when html was static and hand-coded in vi.
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I only have a few posted, but here they are:

It is the Omegacon 05 sub-gallery under the Cons gallery. You don't have to look if you do not want to...


Nov. 16th, 2005 12:34 pm
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Good times!

First, bragging time, the car got 35mpg for the trip to Siren and back. Yay Civic 5-speed!

I made the trip with [ profile] mle292, which made the trip even more fun. We listed to the mixes that she created for the trip on the way up and [ profile] 7thstranger's mix on the way back. Met up with lots of people I have met in passing, parties, fest or other cons, and met some new people too. Ran into one of those new people on the bus yesterday in fact. Also met someone I had run into at Fest and discovered they live a whole 2 blocks from me... Small small world.

Friday night was way too much chocolate, including some fabulous fudge/brownie/chocolate creation with Baileys. MMM. Good. Plus much drinking, including the first time I have had a B-52 (or B-156 as it were). Sleep came crashing down on me somewhere between 2 and 3 am, not really sure. I know that morning at 10 seemed pretty early... Got up, and Chris was nice enough to have setup a few cartoons for us all to watch. Also, the con got the hotel to keep the continental breakfast open to noon or 1, so I was able to get an english muffin and cereal for breakfast. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Saturday we walked the lake and played games. I stayed away from the video games, but played a good amount of cribbage and was introduced to Apples to Apples. There was also dinner (which again the con people was nice enough to go pick up and bring back!) and more of the drinking! Did I mention the drinking? More games, and then pretty pretty play time, complete with fake eyelashes, eye shadow, lip liner?, lipstick, rose toenails and chrome fingernails. Pretty pretty. Life is strange when one girl is painting your nails and another is applying makeup. Then with the more drinking. Did I mention I spent a good portion of the con in my nightshirt? Sunday was packing and more games and more coffee. No drinking. Got home and crashed.

Well, that is enough for now...
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Almost time for another Con. This Friday kicks off Omegacon, a relaxacon in the "wilds" of Wisonsin. Lots of just plain relaxation. Ahhh. Carpools are all worked out, as are the hotel logistics.

ICon Report

Nov. 2nd, 2005 08:03 am
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ICon was absolutely fabu.

I saw lots of people I hadn't seen since DemiCon and AI, and lots of people I saw in the last month too! The only programming I made it to was Masquerade, so I cannot comment on that. I spent copious amounts of time in D&J's kareoke parties and made it for the Tea Party as well, and even managed to sing out a horrid rendition of "Tainted Love." But I wasn't leaving my spot on the bed Saturday night... In the various parties, I met an artist named Karen, she seemed pretty nice. Then there was the party I missed - a game party, for some unknown value of game - A lovely young lady named Courtney and her geisha friend Sarah gave me a cute little spider token (spider painted on glass) and invited me over, but I didn't get there until midnight, and they were closing the door. Perhaps someone reading this can point me in the direction of this Courtney such that I can ask her why the party ended so early.

The art in artshow was very good, and I had to keep repeating "I will not buy art." There was a very nice auction piece, and [ profile] glittergodzilla had a new piece as well. Also, I made my savings throw in Dealers, and made it out with only a $35 purchase (which I actually feel good about, since retail is $40).

Other highlights -
[ profile] theatre_nerd in her Oriental dress and 7" heals. Oh my.
Prop Tart singing "I Touch Myself". Everyone in the room must now scrub their brain - I know what you were thinking.
24 hour hot tub. Pancakes at Perkins at 3:30am. Going to sleep at 5am. Wondering at what point did housekeeping slipped the little bit of paper under the door saying "we didn't clean your room since it was 'Do Not Disturb.'"

Courtney/Sarah details, for those so inclined to dig. Sarah had jewelry in Dealers. I have seen her before. Courtney was about my height, and wearing a tasty wine vinyl dress.
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Ten hours of sleep, three cups of coffee, and I am still tired. Going to work out soon, then maybe I will wake up.

Back from the workout...

OK. So, the drive down was completely uneventful, even though I made merciless fun of [ profile] toadnae's car. I really should not have, since she had the decency to drive me down and back. We met [ profile] lthomas987 and [ profile] kalmn at the BBQ place in Ames. We had a big dinner and yummy sundaes for desert. Then the last little bit into Des Moines.

Checked in, unloaded the car, picked up reg badges, just in time for opening ceremonies. Tadao was there, and was pretty funny. Then there was the Kill Bill Shatner Volume 2 play, which was rather entertaining. After opening, it was time to meet up with people and wander around the con. Met up with [ profile] theatre_nerd, whom I missed at Convergence. Then more wandering and trying to figure out what was going on and plan out Saturday (which panels to visit, etc.). Now, you don't ever really stick to your plan, even if you could remember it, because soon thereafter, you are in the Con Suite getting munchies and starting to drink. Heavily. A few trips to my room to introduce people to Starbucks coffee liqueur, and the Silver Oaks Cab, and soon the coffee liqueur was gone and so was i. But that really did not stop me, since the bar had coffee liqueur and irish cream, of which i partook. Heavily. and polished off a bottle of wine. Some flirting and sitting on laps followed, and then the singing. Karaoke. I suck, but I was drunk, so my ineptitude of the singing didn't stop me from doing three songs. One with two other guys, 1 solo, and 1 with one other person. The next night was better, but I will get to that in its proper time. Following karaoke, there was more recreation followed by sleep at 5:30 or so.

Slept til almost 10am, then back at it. Lots of water, more water, coffee, more coffee, and yet more coffee, some time soaking in the hot tub, and I was ready to face the world. I was in the kilt. I few girls made sure that I was regimental (always appreciated!). There was flirting, talking, wandering, sandwiches, napping, tea party, lounging, hot tub, dinner, more lounging and fun. Then with the more drinking. The actors of Trans-Iowa Canal Company put on another play, this time in the vein of HGttG meets amazon women on the moon. Arthur and Ford find themselves moving from tv show to tv show, and it was pretty darn funny. Then was the more drinking. Again. And then karaoke, including a much less drunk me doing Add it Up by the Violent Femmes. I actually got compliments on that. Also picked up a few compliments on the calves and biceps, so hugged my trainer today. I also hit 205lbs on the decline bench press, a personal best, so I am pretty darn happy. But back to Saturday night (Sunday AM for you purists). Found myself wandering downtown Des Moines around 3:30. That is a desolate place at that time. Sometime between 4:00 and 4:30 I crawled into bed.

Waking up around 10:30 or 11:00, i showered, had some water, and went down to breakfast, and ran into [ profile] zannd, which is funny, because we end up at breakfast together quite often when at Cons. Ate much food, slowly, until around noon, then he helped me pack up my stuff and haul it out the the car. Checked out, wandered around, picked up some stuff off the freebie table and ended up on a panel about Anime Iowa. Which was cool. Talked some more to [ profile] starofkaos, who was not in costume, which I think is the first time I have seen her in street clothes. Then the drive back. Glad I wasn't driving, because I was out for a while. Got home, unpacked, and crashed into bed before 10.

Well, time to go back to work.


Jul. 17th, 2005 11:04 pm
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I am back. I almost was not, but more on that later.

First, time to talk about the pre-shrunk world. Friday I arrived at the San Diego convention center. Got through the pre-reg line in about 2 minutes and headed into the main hall. I walked past about 7 people when I ran into Chris Jones and talked to him for a bit. Then P (from Convergence). Met up with [ profile] karzender at his booth and wandered to meet my highs chool friends. Later, at the hot tub, ran into a guy from Atlas Games (Lunch Money). He is from Jersey. He know the people at the source and Fantasy Flight Games, including Tod G. Then, on the airplane home, sitting next to me (score one for me, i got the cute girl next to me) is a woman who also works at the bullseye. Not only does she work for the same company, we both have spent time in Michigan (ok, so that is not so small of a world, but - wait for it) her brother goes to Calvin College in MI, which I considered, and is like 4 blocks from my grandma's place.

Friday & Saturday (together because it all just blends together) - Missed Natalie since she was done before I got down to the convention. Wandered the hall for a bit and picked up piles of swag. Ditched the posters but kept the little bits and the free manga. Saw Larson (of Fastner and Larson). Talked to him about Convergence and the art of his I have picked up (Yes, [ profile] toadnae and [ profile] kalmn he talked about working with you on Convergence). I also ran into M. Manning (of Spider Garden, Metal Web, etc). He looks like about how I would expect :). There will be a new Tranceptor, but he has been working on a new hardcover collection which will be out next month.

Saw more of [ profile] karzender, met up with my friends Krissy, Matt, Melina, and Mark for some good times. We wandered and walked and talked and in general had a fantastic time. We split for a while on Saturday so we could all see what we wanted to. I did not see Kate Beckinsale - I could not sit in the Hall H with 6500+ of my closest friends any longer. But I did see the Lost panel. Sawyer and Shannon were there. Sorry [ profile] kalmn, no Sayid). Battlestar Galactica cast - Halo, Sharon, Lee, and Baltar. Not sure if Starbuck showed or not. She was not there when I left to go see Charlize Theron talk about Aeon Flux. Then was Kevin Smith. Holy fucking shit funny! He did a few opening comments and then Q&A. I laughed so hard. Next up, Slither = a horror movie with Nathon Fillion. Then Serenity. Jewel. mmmmmmmmm. Only Alan was missing - he is doing Spam-a-lot on Broadway. That was a good time. a very good time. Since they were all there, it was a pile of fun with them feed off each-other with comments. Joss originally forgot to call Jewel up to the stage and started talking until Adam started going "um, um..." Jewel came up all pouty and Joss apologized profusely. I did see Joss later wandering the floor, but I refrained from fanboy behavior and just waved. There was not, from what I could tell, autographs with them, unless it was lottery based, in which case I know I would not get in...

That is sort of the problem with a Con that big - no person time. There is a panel in front of 500-6500 people, then they disappear. Only the 'lesser-known' people actually stay and chat or are available on the floor. But to someone's point, there were tons of comics and many comic stores there, plus plenty of indies, which was great to see! I saw many good looking comics from some great indie artists. I was going to go see Erin Grey and Nick Brendon, but from the autograph sheet Erin couldn't make it and I just plain ran out of time to go up and see Zander.

Back to the floor for a couple hours before dinner - talked to the X-men booth babe. I was in my kilt. She checked. Nice. The RYL girls threatened to peek under my kilt, but sadly they failed to follow through on their threat.

So, coming home, I thought for a second it was the fucking rapture. We hit incredible crosswinds at landing. So much so I thought for sure I was going to hear the whine of the jets getting slammed hard and the G-force from an aborted landing. But no. I will quote my single-serving friend here, "I never thought I would be perpendicular to the runway!" The wing dipped huge. I had visions of the C-130 laying with its engine and wing spewed across the runways (I bet [ profile] toadnae remembers that flight - we were rather delayed getting to St. Louis for the Maryville Summit). The rain poured across the landscape; the plane was pushed all over. Then the rear wheels hit the ground, and we bounced. I cannot tell if we bounced twice or only once. Then was the braking on the wet pavement. The rain was coming in at such an angle and speed, i could barely see the planes sitting waiting to take off.

Then to continue the rapture flavoured weirdness, driving home the roads were empty (8:30pm on Sunday). Byerlys was not busy. Coming home from Byerlys was even more quiet on the roads and in my neighborhood.

Anyway, I am home, tired, and have tomorrow off. I might write more as memories start unjumbling themselves and I get some sleep.


Jul. 13th, 2005 08:11 am
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No, this is not about the movie (although it is a good movie - I like those messed-up relationship movies)...

Closer to Comic-Con. San Diego, the Coast, the fresh seafood... And way too many people crammed into a convention center...

I am headed there to see friends that i have not seen in many years. It should be a good time! After I made all the arrangements, I found out [ profile] karzender was going to be there as well. Most excellent.

Need to pack tonight, since tomorrow night is busy, and I have a 9-ish flight on Friday morning.

Internet access at the hotel is "pay-for," so I think the iBook will be staying at home and the con report will have to wait until I am back. Normally I would find a place with free access and get a cup of coffee, but I will not have my own transportation, nor do I think I will have the time to wander and find said place. You will just have to wait.
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I will be attending DemiCon. I have registered, I have my hotel room, and I have transportation.


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