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No, this is not about Sandman.

There is this little punk. Mom's Basement dwelling punk. He has decided to declare war on our corp. This, in and of itself, was no big deal. He is not good at PVP. He has many alts (queue BSG music). He apparently has plenty of real money, because he (legally) converts it to plex to fund new ships and hiring mercenaries. These have been more an issue, but not unsurmountable. We have had a few good fights and with the exception of one merc corp, come out ahead. We have ignored him, we have sparred with him, we have camped him. We have destroyed around 1 Billion isk worth of his ships, which is over 10 times the amount of losses from him. He will not go away. Very sad. Due to his whining on the killboards, other corporations have declared war on his corporations. He thinks it is us paying them, but we do not care to spend isk that way. Also, it would gain us nothing. I think the next official war is about to start. Time to fuel up and check the ammo on the hunting ships.
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We rallied to our scout and he had probed out a new wormhole exit into a safe point in space. We had a short trip back to our HQ, bring approximately 200M isk in loot and salvage with us. We split it all up and I am 41m iskies richer for the effort.


Dec. 19th, 2009 04:36 pm
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Today was a Wormhole (WH) operation. We found two or three wormholes very close to HQ. In the first one, we cleared a couple sleeper of sites, but the WH system was pretty empty. Just as we were finishing the second site, we discovered a scout in the system, which generally indicates another fleet is inbound. Having already cleared both sites that we found, we opted to go back to normal space via the Wormhole. Once back, we re-equipped for the second WH. This one being a class 1, we had to switch down a class of vessel. Once we gathered we went into this new WH system. It had a black hole, which plays havoc with the onboard instruments. However, we discovered many sites and started fighting sleepers again. Whilst in the midst of clearing a newly discovered site, our original WH collapsed, trapping us in unknown space. We did find another WH "exit" but it would have brought us very far from home and landed us in the middle of a warzone. We opted to kill a few more sleepers and find a nice empty spot of space in which to rally, waiting for this WH to collapse and a new one to appear. More tomorrow when we rally and try to get out.


May. 24th, 2009 02:04 pm
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Now Jenn can fly all T1 and Faction Battleships!

Still a good way off from some of the T2 battleships, but my options are open.


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