Jun. 15th, 2006 03:51 pm
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I was working on a crossword puzzle, and found this:
A game with rooms and weapons.

I looked at the puzzle and thought, hrm, DOOM doesn't work...

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Jan. 30th, 2006 03:41 pm
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My "Be" protein bar lists NutriSoy as an ingredient. Some of you may be thinking, I have heard that term somewhere...

Life immitates art:
Quotes from the Shadowrun Official Rule Book:
The nutrisoy may not taste great, but at least it's hot.
And from Shadowrun Slang:
Nutrisoy n. Cheaply processed food product, derived from soybeans

Xbox 360

Nov. 22nd, 2005 02:01 pm
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No, I don't own one. No, I do not intend to own one. But, sadly, I do believe the reports of people waiting 16 hours in the rain for so they could buy one at 12:01 this morning. For $399.99 plus tax. Eek! And the games are selling for $59.99. Double Eek!

Ok, I did go to our internal launch thing in the Hall. I wandered down there a few minutes late, got a keychain, watched some people play the new Madden 2006, Project Gotham 3, Need for Speed, Tiger Woods, and Tony Hawk. Looking at the games (all shown on brand new HD Widescreen LCD TVs), I noticed the same thing I noticed with my xbox - Where is the f'ing gamma control? If tony hawk were one notch darker, it would be freaking dark greyscale. The racing games looked good, but neither had realistic damage models. Madden was fine; the people playing were reliving last night's Monday Night Football by playing Vikings v. Packers. Looks like every other Madden I have ever seen, albeit with better graphics. Which brings me to my point. It is pretty. Well, not the unit itself or the OMG huge power brick, but the graphics. They are good. BUT, nothing I have not seen on a high-end PC. If I upgraded to the next flavour of video card (something newer than 2+ years old), I could get those graphics on my box. I am sure that [ profile] jschmidt already has comparable graphics on his PC.

It is just launch, but I think the PSP had more games out for it at launch. I am underwhelmed by the number of titles, and the price for the games is really up there. For the console and two games you have passed the $500 mark and then some and then taxes or s/h.


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