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Here after an uneventful drive. I have a Ford Focus again this week. Not a great car by any means, but it is passable transportation.

Facebook continues to be broken. I cannot post, I cannot comment, I cannot even "Like" a post. The new layout blows. All of the things I worked to get rid of now show up in the Live Feed. News Feed mode seems to have about a 19 hours lag time, perhaps purposefully pushing people to the Live Feed, where we have to figure out some different shitty interface to get rid of all of the crap. I cannot even post on Facebook that I find it annoying. I think [ profile] mle292 talked about syndicating feeds from LJ or Blogspot, then people who insist on staying on Facebook can subscribe.

In other news, my company's Project and Portfolio Management system is borked. None of the hours entries from my team have progressed, meaning I could not run my report on Friday, meaning I took heat from the client for not having the status up to date and it is not even my fault. As opposed to the times where I have purposefully waited until Sunday to do it since my team was working on the weekend. What do you want, incomplete information on Friday, or complete information on Sunday night? Apparently incomplete information on Friday. So noted. Note that I also have to fucking drive here on Sunday. Keep in mind if I post the status on Friday I am not updating it on Sunday. I work enough. Fuck.

On a hugely positive note, yesterday was a very productive day. We brewed a Trappist Ale. We moved the Cream Stout to the Secondary. And we bottled the Pumpkin Ale. The Grand Cru is gone, the Nut Brown Ale is going fast. The Scottish Export will be ready on Saturday, the Pumpkin Ale about 3 weeks from now. I think [ profile] mle292 is getting another Secondary this week so we can have yet another brew in flight.


Oct. 12th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Three years. Three years and the vendor cannot fix two typos in a key piece of automation. But they can add "My favorites." However, my favorite groups is not actually my favorites, not actually user adjustable, just another setting that wastes time for my team. See, because My Favorites can only be set and updated by a system admin.

Argh. Also, why after two demonstrations does a team need to see a third demonstration? Did they fail to take notes? No, I will not be writing your team's documentation for you.

In other news, brewing goes exceeding well. The Pumpkin Ale took the place of the Scottish Ale in the secondary. The Scottish Ale was bottled. I took a reading and it appears the Scottish Ale is a bit light on the alcohol content, but it smelled fantastic. Three weeks before I get to try it.

The mead continues to sit in the secondary and be tempting. I had some of the Nut Brown Ale yesterday. I brought one bottle with me, so I will try it later this week. I also found three bottles of Grand Cru hiding, so I am very excited to have some more of that.

At least it is not snowing here, but I would rather be home.


Aug. 18th, 2009 08:58 pm
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Sitting in Cedar Rapids, having a beer. Thought I would make a post that is not stomped by the character limit of facebook. Yes, I spend too much time there and not enough remember to write in non-professional documents.

Brewing is going well. I am enjoying it. Turns out people like beer. Who knew? The first batch was an Extra Pale Ale. It is pretty much gone now, and I was slacking and had not started anything else. [ profile] mle292 helped me pick out a couple of new kits to buy and we started the Grand Cru a while ago. We just moved it to the secondary fermenter before I left to drive down here to Iowa. Next weekend I am going to start the mead. I figure it will be optimal around February.

The bathroom is coming along well. It is almost complete. It really does look amazing. Sometime I will figure out how to use my camera to upload the pictures to my PC. I'd say my Mac, but it is almost out of HD space.

I have to go visit a second client on Thursday (fortunately in the same city), and then the Sales rep wants to go out golfing with a few clients. So much so that he is stopping by the house to pick up my clubs on his way here tomorrow. Seems like a bit much effort to me, but what the heck - free golf.

Things are very busy work wise. Tomorrow is pilot go-live. We have been scrambling to get everything done with the last minute updates and issues. It should be good. The client has made cheat sheets for their fellow employees, and we involved members from each pilot team in UAT, so at least those people know what to expect. We closed out probably a dozen issues over the last two weeks. Most of the remaining bugs are vendor bugs and those have work-arounds, so we are in good shape. I hope to start spending a little less time here once the pilot and Phase II design work have started.
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Mixed City/Freeway driving: 29.8mpg
95% Freeway: 34mpg


Mar. 4th, 2009 09:14 pm
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I saw Richard Dawkins this evening at the U. He was introduced by PZ Myers.
It was very interesting.

The basis is this:
We have uniquely large brain for our bodies which allows us flexibility, creativity, etc.
We can be programmed with an inflexible goal, even if that goal runs contrary to most everything else (even our own survival).
We then use our flexibility and creativity to achieve that inflexible goal.

But he started off with something else very cool.
For human-created artifacts, we often ask "Why?" or "What is the purpose?" and those are valid questions. For items that are not human artifacts, it is an inappropriate question - "What is the purpose of stars?" or "What is the purpose of cows?" He also discussed a large distinction between neo-purpose (designed) and archi-purpose (ancient) such as the tail of a plane (designed to keep the plane stable) and the tail of a bird (evolved for flight).


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:05 am
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The furnace works and it no longer sounds like it is going to launch through the house.
It apparently needed a new exhaust blower.


Aug. 19th, 2008 09:53 am
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My Grandma died last night. She was 88 or 89 (she was wily and difficult to pin down her year of birth). She was sharp and had a clever wit all the way until the end. I talked to her a couple of weeks ago and we were joking about weather forecasters and shopping-mall patrons.

My dad called me last night and told me she was back in the hospital with an infection, but was in stable condition. They were to know more in 48-72 hours. I had planned to call her this morning and send her flowers. When I took my phone of the charger this morning I noticed a new voicemail. Grandma died of that infection at 10:30pm last night. I am glad that I talked to her every few Sundays. She rarely talked for more than ten minutes, but I know she enjoyed it.

I'll be in MI for a few days.
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But I did test the anti-lock brakes of the rental 2008 Dodge Charger. They work very well. I was traveling East on 27/18 at a leisurely 70 mph and I saw the signs to watch for cross-traffic. I was watching for cross-traffic. I saw the fuel truck slowing down in front of me and turned off the cruise control and braked lightly. Then I realized the truck was stopping to make a left into the service station. I don't fucking care how fast the Charger goes 0 to 60. What I care about is that it goes from 60 to 0 very fast without skidding or losing control.

Dodge/Chrysler cannot build a decent commuter car, but let them build a heavy, powerful, cruising car, and they do a pretty good job. A couple weeks ago it was a rental 2008 Volvo S40. This is the one that Ford is building on the same frame as the Ford Focus? and Mazda 6. It looks like the other "S" models, but compared to a friends slightly older S60, the S40 is crap. Lots of road noise and nothing very impressive. The dash is not presented well, and the combo heat/AC/fan/stereo controls are on a fake-wood front panel that has wasted space behind it. Also, when you put on the defroster (windshield), it kicks the fan to full. And you cannot put heat on both the floor and the defrost Crazy.

The Charger does not get great mileage. 21 mph City, 28 mph Highway. But it has low road noise, and very smooth to drive. And as I mentioned, good brakes. It has a comfortable cockpit and mostly easy to access controls. Except the wiper blade controls are on the left side of the steering wheel instead of the right.

Compare either of those to the Mazda 3. Now that is crap. Cramped cockpit, knees jammed against the console and window-roller. And for a car 10-years newer than mine, had just as much road noise.


Nov. 15th, 2007 06:02 pm
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I am unemployed now, by choice, for 6 whole weekdays. No longer at the Bullseye. After Thanksgiving I will start back up with my former employer doing to the consulting thing. I will focus on Project Management and Subject Matter Expertise in the Enterprise Management technology and IT Governance (ITIL) space. I am looking forward to get back into consulting.

I had very good experience at the Bullseye and would recommend it to people. I made many good friends there. I was fortunate that I was a Technical Architect and then promoted to Sr. Technical Architect and was involved in many highly-visible projects throughout my time there. I was able able to drive my vision on some aspects of Capacity Management and Performance Management. I was also able to provide input on Configuration, Change, and Incident Management. And I was responsible for all of my team's web presence. And I got to learn SAS and DataStage. Pretty cool.

Pissed Off

Sep. 23rd, 2007 08:26 pm
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Which is better than being pissed on.

Had a beautiful day, lovely time at the MN History Museum, a nice dinner a Fujiya. Walked out to the car and found the driver's window smashed, the stereo ripped out and my camera gone. This is my 10 year old Civic, with a stereo that is 6 years old, and a five year old digital camera. None of this is high-value. Some cowardly pig-fucking, diseased donkey ball licking, troll-fisting cum stain broke my window for a 6-year old stereo, and then discovered the camera under the seat. In the process, as I mentioned, this shit-sucking fucktard also smashed my window and broke various plastic bits to get the stereo out. Asshole! Motherfucking asshole! I really want to introduce this person's ribs and knees to a nice piece of hickory. Like an axe handle or Louisville slugger.


Mar. 26th, 2007 08:11 am
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I rode my bicycle to work this morning. It is locked up about 15 floors below me. From home to the office (including parking) is about 6 miles.

How do I feel? I'll tell you once I ride home.


Mar. 19th, 2007 10:28 pm
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Yep, rugging is every bit as painful as I remember.  Eight hours yesterday and two today.  One room left and some metals (thresholds).  No knife wounds, but I have some carpet-burned knuckles.  4 rooms complete!  One easy bedroom, another easy bedroom with a closet, a more difficult bedroom with closet and entry, and a landing "L" shape (which is like working in one long closet). 

Thankfully, my buddy Ken was around and willing to help me. 

One room left.  Largest room, with "entry."  But, no closet, and it is not that large *cringe*.  The pad is down and we need to get a remnant to put in there.  Also, need to put the metals down, but that will not be so bad.  Tack strip is down, pad is down, just the carpet and the kicking...

BGFE [ profile] mle292 put pad down, hammered in tack strip, helped carry carpet, purchased all the stuff, and provided food and beverage, which was very nice of her, considering she could have been in the basement getting other work done.

No I do not do it professionally, and I do not have my own tools, so I cannot help you.
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BGFE [ profile] mle292 and I (with a little help from TehDae) made spanakopita for dinner tonight. We found a recipe on the net and cooked it. We also had bananas and mandarin oranges with our dinner. It was very good. I hope it heats up well, since [ profile] mle292 and I are going to have it in our lunches tomorrow.
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Home sick, working from home.  I was catching up on some laundry, moving it from the washer to the dryer, so my head was down at about top-of-the-machine level when a very unexpected and powerful sneeze hit me.  Nose, meet corner of washing machine, corner of washing machine, meet nose.  No stars, but holy fucking shit does my nose hurt.  I have a nice bump where my glasses indent was, and my I hope the ibuprofen starts diminishing this new headache.  If I still wore glasses, not sure if they would have survived or not, or if I would have lacerations in addition to the bump.

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Ping the router:
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 3ms, Average = 0ms

Ping the gateway:
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 2539ms, Maximum = 3008ms, Average = 2833ms

Power-cycle the router, cable modem:  No Change.

Release/Renew DHCP: No Change.

Tomorrow it should be fine.  Since usually after a number of complaints they figure out what was not wrong and not their problem and recover it.

But as before, there is no problem, if there were a problem, Comcast assures me it would be with my equipment.  To test, I should just hook up a PC to the net, directly to the cable modem.  So it can be compromised in about 15s.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:52 am
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Another goodly amount of snow has fallen. 
I managed half of the driveway before the the snow thrower ran out of gas.  BGFE [ profile] mle292 and I cleared the corner so I could get the Honda out and I ran to Home Depot to get the mix-oil and then to the gas station to fill up. Big sign at Home Depot announcing they were SOLD OUT of snow throwers and snow-shovels.  Fortunately, they still had plenty of the oil mix packages.  I bought extra this time. 

When I got back, MLE had finished the path from the street to the front door and all the way back to the garage!  I filled up the snow thrower and finished the driveway and cleared what the plows had left on the alley so it will be easier to get in and out.  Hopefully the neighbors plow service will be by soon to clear their portion of the driveway and make even easier.  I imagine their service is a bit busy and so I do not really expect them to be by until later.

And in other news, MARSCON!  Soon I will pack and do the last minute Con things and then off to the hotel.  Assuming, of course, that I do not need to be in Jury duty, which would suck, but I find the probability of them calling additional jurors on Friday afternoon with half the city shut down to be a very low risk.  I'll know in half an hour...

You can tell it is a snow day, as the VPN is slammed.  See, I wanted to update my Out Of Office, which I forgot to do last night when I left....
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Fed return posted yesterday, 3 biz days before it was scheduled.
CC = 0.

Deep breath. Ahhhh. Feels good. I am once again debt free, aside from the mortgage.


Feb. 14th, 2007 08:10 pm
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It is almost cold enough outside to run superconductivity experiments, but that must make the Department of Revenue computers run faster - they posted my return yesterday.  It took all of 7 business days since e-filing to get it into my checking account.  After the Fed return posts, I will 0 out my credit card for the first time since... well, at least 2.5 years.  And then, then the HELOC is going down.
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Ahhh, valentines day.  Pretty flowers for pretty girls.  And I was just told that I was made of 'awesomeness.'
MMM, wine and shrimp stirfry for dinner. 

Just started watching Heroes.  Watched Eps 1 & 2 last night.  Pretty good.  I can see why people like it.  The intro guy needs work (not the Mundhir, the narrator).  I am one Ep behind on BSG, but I have it ready to watch.  Other than that - no TV.  Life without Digital Cable and 200 channels of crap is not bad at all.  And if the City moves forward with Wireless I can drop comcast for everything but standard cable.  And save another $30 bucks a month.  Not sure I really need the additional 3-4Mb download bandwidth.  I am pretty sure 1Mb is sufficient.  The only downside is no usenet.  Anyone know of free news servers out there that are not tied to an ISP?

Dreamhaven was recently burglarized.  Fucking savages.  I saw the Neil Gaiman posted about it and I have seen at least two others on my FList reference it.  Once more will not hurt...

I had more to say, but I can no longer remember it all and I have to leave soon to drive girls around...


Jul. 17th, 2006 08:42 am
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Friday night - caught the early bus home, read email and headed out with [ profile] jschmidt and S for Indian food followed by Deadwood and Night Watch. Deadwood is a very good HBO series. Night Watch is a fun Russian "World of Darkness" movie. BGFE [ profile] mle292 took TehDae to Saxophone lessons and then they had dinner and watched some TV.

Saturday started with Yoga. I was the only student at the class, so I got some good corrections and we (the instructor and I) were able to just go for about the first 30 minutes and not stop. After 30 minutes we went into balance and headstands, then some more poses, then crunches and stretching, then half-lotus. Stopped by Microcenter and found a USB (1.1 and 2.0) WiFi adapter (802.11b/g) for TehDae's computer - sure beats running a cable to long away around her room, or up and over or another in the basement). Got home and then [ profile] mle292 and I went to the hardware store to look at tile for the bathroom and get some items she needed to update the outlet in TehDae's room. Suddenly it was 5pm-ish and groceries needed to be purchased and things needed to be done in Robbinsdale, so I played WoW for a while and other people ran around.

Sunday - got up late again and got ready for PotC:DMC. We went to see it and met [ profile] jschmidt and S there. Afterwords I had to run home and grab stuff I forgot then run out to the Wayzata Yacht Club, where my friend's boat is docked. Sailed around Lake Minnetonka for a few hours. What a blast! Learned about lots about sailing, even ran the port jib winch for a while (the tell tales will haunt me for a while :). Ohh, and we switched from a working jib to a genoa for more speed so I got to work the jib halyard twice. I also learned some knots. Er, well, learned is a bit strong. How about it was demonstrated, and i was able to make the knots with help. Got home and watched the last two Dr Who's, so I would be spoiler free when [ profile] mle292 and TehDae got home from watching them. The timing was great - I had 4 minutes left of Doomsday when they got home.

Now I am at work and all the progress I made last week has hit a wall. Fill out three more forms. Have another request denied. Escalate to Manager. Explain escalation to my manager. Different issue - Database connection failed. Make another request. Argh. Coffee break. Doing much better now.


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