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We rallied to our scout and he had probed out a new wormhole exit into a safe point in space. We had a short trip back to our HQ, bring approximately 200M isk in loot and salvage with us. We split it all up and I am 41m iskies richer for the effort.


Dec. 19th, 2009 04:36 pm
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Today was a Wormhole (WH) operation. We found two or three wormholes very close to HQ. In the first one, we cleared a couple sleeper of sites, but the WH system was pretty empty. Just as we were finishing the second site, we discovered a scout in the system, which generally indicates another fleet is inbound. Having already cleared both sites that we found, we opted to go back to normal space via the Wormhole. Once back, we re-equipped for the second WH. This one being a class 1, we had to switch down a class of vessel. Once we gathered we went into this new WH system. It had a black hole, which plays havoc with the onboard instruments. However, we discovered many sites and started fighting sleepers again. Whilst in the midst of clearing a newly discovered site, our original WH collapsed, trapping us in unknown space. We did find another WH "exit" but it would have brought us very far from home and landed us in the middle of a warzone. We opted to kill a few more sleepers and find a nice empty spot of space in which to rally, waiting for this WH to collapse and a new one to appear. More tomorrow when we rally and try to get out.
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Over the past two months the Corp has had five sanctioned wars. As head of the military, I have been exceeding lax in my handling of the war and offered to step down. My resignation was declined. I was required to be elsewhere during these wars and it pained me to see the ship losses mounting. Fortunately, the Corp has enough standing with many other Corporations that getting clones is not an issue. Jump and Medical clones are wonderful technology. I make sure to have a current download at all times.

There is a new sanctioned war starting today. I have built two new ships just for this war, plus my usual hanger of ships, several of which are built explicitly for war. I have reviewed the recent losses suffered by the declaring corporation and it seems we will have to have massive DPS in order to break their Neutral Remote Repper strategy. At least RRs become valid war targets once they initiate their Reps. I plan to make it painful for them to participate.

I hope to collect enough loot from their wrecks to pay for the new ships.
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Nothing says cute and cuddly like a 9 and a half inch homicidal murderous dick.
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I was talking to a Spacelane Patrol agent yesterday, and he hired a couple of us to go out and dismantle a small slaver ring. Now, being a good state capitalist, I understand the value of inexpensive labor. Or Amarr allies (at the State level) use slaves, although our State never has trafficked in sentients. Sansha slavers raid civilized systems for slaves, making a hefty profit, so I never pass up an opportunity to shut them down. We probably counter-raided a dozen or so sites where they were congregating and took out numerous ships and we confiscated a viral agent they had been threatening to use. We also took out several slave pens and bunkers used by them, rescuing many civilians through our efforts, including some VIPs for which the agent had been tasked with locating. The Sansha slavers will be back, they always are, but as long as there are a few of us good State pilots willing to take them on, our region of space will be safe from them. Plus, there is always a profit to be made in salvaging their destroyed ships.
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I waited a while before heading back into CVA space, just in case the Atlas group was pirating in low-sec again. They were not. I made a few rounds in the systems around the outposts and found some nice Sansha rats to rip up. The ship worked admirably, my blasters glowing red from the constant firing on the battleships. In a mere 20 minutes, I racked up about 3 million in bounties and then paid my toll to the outpost and docked for some well earned rest.
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I was headed into CVA space for a some quick Sansha rat hunting when several Atlas pilots were sitting on a gate. The first two were busy with security problems so I coasted on through. No doubt alerted by their fellow pirates, the two on the other side of the gate were ready. A HIC and a HAC locked me up quick and warp jammed me, but I was only 11km from the gate. Knowing the two on the other side were already engaged, I fired up my Shield Hardeners and powered back to the gate, locking the targets as I burned the MWD. I locked my targets as I hit the gate. I opted to pass on the test of shields, knowing both HIC and HAC have very high resists and even though my shields were down only about 20%. I jumped back through and warped off to a mid-warp bookmark that I had dropped on my way in. From there I quickly checked to see if there were any ships on my egress gate and seeing none, punched the warp drive. The gate was clear and I jumped immediately through.


Jun. 28th, 2009 12:25 pm
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I downloaded Anarchy Online again last night. I logged into the "free" account I created back in 2005. My paid account has been off for quite a while. I suffered from alt-itis, so I never got that far. I think I had a couple of characters in the 80-100 range, but nothing higher. When I was tired of it, I muled my gear and creds to the the couple of toons on the free account, so they get a nice way to start. Now to remember all of the complexities of AO.

Neo Steam

May. 24th, 2009 02:06 pm
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Started playing the Neo Steam beta - I like it. Not a bad implementation of standard Korean grind-fest. Cutesy graphics, but not quite so cute as Ether Saga. Just cannot understand beating on those cute little critters.

Also tried Warrior Epic. Meh.

Hrm, something up with Neo Steam - not letting me use keyboard commands. I hope that problem goes away with a relog.


May. 24th, 2009 02:04 pm
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Now Jenn can fly all T1 and Faction Battleships!

Still a good way off from some of the T2 battleships, but my options are open.


Jun. 5th, 2006 12:24 pm
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I am a geek, and as such, I listen to the podcast. Today there was a funny quote taken at E3.

Interviewer:"What do you think of Paris Hilton?"
Interviewee:"I'd hit it, but I wouldn't stick around to chat..."


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