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Best Buy has a long and sordid history of offense. News of false imprisonment, failed customer service, failed "Optimization" service for PCs and TVs. The offense today was another joint effort between Best Buy and Geek Squad.

First, some reminders about Internet and Network speeds.
Most cable connections to the Internet run between 8 - 12 Mb/s (aka Mbps - Megabits per second). DSL is about the same at the high-end, if you are lucky enough to have fiber-optic, you might get 20Mb/s.

That being said, do you ever get 8-20 Mbps of download speed? No. Just No. The websites/download sites are capped on their end as to how fast they will feed you data. That is why downloads are not instantaneous. Many download are very quick, but the speed is still regulated by the site.

Wireless speeds:
A - no one uses A.
B - 11 Mbps
G - 54 Mbps
N - 300 Mbps (approximately - N standards are either still in Draft mode, or very recently become official)
N+ - BS

Notice how even B exceeds most capabilities for Internet connections.

What I have done with B/G in my house:
Simultaneously: multiple torrents downloading on multiple computers, streamed near-DVD quality movies from Netflix, played MMORPGs, chat, surf the net.

Back to the offensive part:
Best Buy/Geek Squad has a poster by the WiFi routers proclaiming that
G is good for general Internet
N is 'adequate' for streaming music, movies, games
N+ is really what is want for streaming movies, music, and games

WTF?! N is adequate? Yeah, for a definition of adequate like getting 80mpg is adequate for a car, or how the Bugatti Veyron is an adequate sports car (0-60 in 2.46s, top speed 253mph).

So, if you really, really push to max out your incoming pipe (assuming you have fiber), you still can not saturate your G wireless, unless you are trying to maximize your connections within the house (like say copying blue-ray disks to and from multiple computers while surfing, downloading, streaming music and videos and games. So, if you really have to try to saturate a G network, how the fuck are you going to possibly saturate an N network today? Yeah, didn't think so. Adequate. Dumbasses.

edit: fix typo
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All your base are belong to us.
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I pulled this to my own journal so I did not clog up [ profile] michaellee's twitter post on Powershell.

It is good that Microsoft powershell is catching up to where Unix shell has been for 20+ years
Windows is in the datacenter

I realize it is there and it will continue to be a platform for applications. I like to pick on it due to the "rebooting required" (which MS has worked hard to minimize), and that Windows servers seem to breed like rabbits. Hopefully with virtualization technology (primarily VMWare and MS Virtual server) it will slow down the growth of physical servers. However, in mixed environments, it still seems that there are 10x the number of Windows servers as Unix servers. Also, many management tools are not up to speed and cannot appropriate link virtual servers to their physical hosts, making performance, capacity, and availability management more complex.

I am glad that MS is building a better shell for Windows. For far too long they held fast to the GUI-mostly approach. Along the GUI thinking, another good addition is the now-solid Remote Desktop. This is a great step to get to where Unix servers have been for 20 years with X-Windows, but it has a couple of benefits such as minimal configuration and no additional software on Windows clients. Citrix is the big leader here, but for simple tasks, RDP works great, and it is not nearly as network chatty as X protocol (and no font issues). The one thing I wish they would add to RDP is an FTP-like tunnel. I have some clients where I use RDP to access severs through firewalls. But the firewall does not allow drive mapping...

Since I am still extolling the virtues of Unix, let me just say that once you start working on 64 core servers and three-way clusters of 28 core servers, all with 4G or 8G of RAM per processor, looking at a "big" 4core/8GB RAM Windows server is rather unimpressive.
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Sadly, nothing as cool as a TARDIS. 

But, I did learn about a function in MS Excel today that would have saved me much time had I known about it a few months ago.  When you get up from falling over because I said something positive about Microsoft, especially MS Office, you can read about it.

You can use VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP to reference data based on the contents of matching cells (somewhat like a SQL query).  So if you have a sorted list on one tab, and an unsorted set of the same things on another, rather than painstakingly copy and pasting from tab to tab, you use these functions to copy in the right data.

It is important since I get a dataset every week where the objects (SAN switches in this case) are in a different order.  Now I can say look at the rows in column B (switch name), when you find the same name in a row in column X on Sheet2, put the value from column EE for that row in this cell.  We used absolute references ($B$2:$EE$99) so we could make use of the Copy down function to populate the other cells of this column.  Yes, there are really over 135 columns in the source data.  Not all of them are used and the designer of the spreadsheet really liked merged columns.  Also, they either got paid by line of code, or by how convoluted the code looked.
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Ping the router:
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 3ms, Average = 0ms

Ping the gateway:
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 2539ms, Maximum = 3008ms, Average = 2833ms

Power-cycle the router, cable modem:  No Change.

Release/Renew DHCP: No Change.

Tomorrow it should be fine.  Since usually after a number of complaints they figure out what was not wrong and not their problem and recover it.

But as before, there is no problem, if there were a problem, Comcast assures me it would be with my equipment.  To test, I should just hook up a PC to the net, directly to the cable modem.  So it can be compromised in about 15s.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:52 am
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Another goodly amount of snow has fallen. 
I managed half of the driveway before the the snow thrower ran out of gas.  BGFE [ profile] mle292 and I cleared the corner so I could get the Honda out and I ran to Home Depot to get the mix-oil and then to the gas station to fill up. Big sign at Home Depot announcing they were SOLD OUT of snow throwers and snow-shovels.  Fortunately, they still had plenty of the oil mix packages.  I bought extra this time. 

When I got back, MLE had finished the path from the street to the front door and all the way back to the garage!  I filled up the snow thrower and finished the driveway and cleared what the plows had left on the alley so it will be easier to get in and out.  Hopefully the neighbors plow service will be by soon to clear their portion of the driveway and make even easier.  I imagine their service is a bit busy and so I do not really expect them to be by until later.

And in other news, MARSCON!  Soon I will pack and do the last minute Con things and then off to the hotel.  Assuming, of course, that I do not need to be in Jury duty, which would suck, but I find the probability of them calling additional jurors on Friday afternoon with half the city shut down to be a very low risk.  I'll know in half an hour...

You can tell it is a snow day, as the VPN is slammed.  See, I wanted to update my Out Of Office, which I forgot to do last night when I left....

I Win!

Feb. 24th, 2007 09:14 am
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Yesterday, at about 4:00pm, I beat the evil datatype conversion monster and solved all 45 fields.  All hail my mighty powers of string manipulation and type conversion.
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From CNet (
But while the company is looking for individual leaders, the company is also aiming to further democratize its technical leadership. A key part of that is a new internal communications system designed to allow workers to spitball ideas on where the company should be headed, CNET has learned.

In an interview Thursday, Gates said that the system, known as Quests, is still in the early stages of development. Still, it "gets us to be really specific about the future of the home, the future of the office, the future of the data center," Gates said.

This is perhaps much more interesting that The Bill stepping back. I think this is what some big companies are missing. Perhaps it is because it much easier to execute on this type of thing at a smaller company. Maryville had this type of interaction, where we bantered around ideas on technology, service offering, training, process, etc. The Bullseye is missing this, and I have looked into a "technology council" that is a sponsored sub-organization, but it does not seem to exist, or at least I cannot find it. Maybe it is because we are not a technology company. I still think organizations need a big picture view of process and technology, one that is not a management vision (separating organization vision/mission from technology futures). Something for me to think on.
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From various news sources - The Bill is stepping down.

He said he plans to give away most of his fortune, leaving only a small portion to his three sons.

The Gates Foundation, with assets of $29-billion (U.S.), has focused on providing health care services and medicine to the poor in Africa and India, but has also been a major benefactor of public schools in the United States.

“I believe that with great wealth comes great responsibility — responsibility to give back to society, responsibility to see that those resources are put to work in the best possible way to help those most in need,” Mr. Gates said.

And apparently he reads Stan Lee. Maybe now that he is the richest man on the planet and will no longer be focus on world domination it is possible that he is will no longer be evil. Although, I do not like to focus on one person for their companies actions, sometimes it is difficult to separate them. But I shall focus on happy thoughts right now, Bill is giving away money to help people. Nothing wrong with that. History will have to judge whether or not his karma is balanced.
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I was playing with the new Browser on my PSP last night. It has tabbed browsing. Is IE the only think now that does not? But wait, that will be in the next version :)

I set it up to talk to (default) SonyPSP site and download wallpaper and videos for it, and I also logged into Yahoo and Google to get my mail. Nifty. It can be a PDA, IFF you have WiFi access and your stuff on a web site.

Next up, LJ!


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