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My venerable D620 has encountered a new issue. It no longer charges the battery.

Let me back up to the previous issues. When I first received it, the battery lasted around 30 minutes. I asked IT for a new battery, which they happily had Dell direct ship to me. My IT department is, on the whole, above average, as far as I can tell. But I digress.

The next issue was that the frame was cracked and would shortly allow the LCD to roam free. Called IT, and once again various boxes arrived at the house. I performed a little surgery, removing my newish battery, wifi card, HD and putting them into the temp system. About a week later my laptop returned from Dell in a shiny new case (at least a shiny new lid) and I reversed the surgery, then sent the temp machine back to IT.

Last week whilst on the road, I suspected a Microsoft Update had broken the "Stand By" setting, which is the most awesome of the power settings, since it allows one to close the lid and go. Open the lid again and it is ready for work. I checked my settings and it seemed fine. Then I discovered it was not standing by when I pulled the power and it immediately died. Not good. Checked old battery too - no charge. In fact, neither battery gets even the slightest charge even after 12 hours. Another call to IT tomorrow.
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