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Wii DDR, with flail mode (+hand movements).

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I hope to incorporate this into my morning. If I can get up and dance (well, I wouldn't call it dancing so much as jumping on the DDR pad like an idiot) for 15 minutes in the morning, I think I will be in better shape. I need to figure out roughly how many calories are burning per hour to set the goal. I think there must be a chart on the wonder intertubes somewhere (heres one I guess a goal of somewhere between 70-90 should do the trick.

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Today we joined a new health club. It is run by a city and has reciprocity to our city. Cybex machine workout room, free-weight room, two cardio rooms, pool, hot tub, saunas, and tennis (tennis is extra). For a family it is not really that expensive, and much less than a Lifetime or something link that.

[ profile] mle292 did cardio for 25 minutes while I lifted, then he sat in the hot tub for a while. Then off to our respective saunas, showers, etc.

We will be back tomorrow; I will do some cardio and not lift two days in a row...


Mar. 26th, 2007 08:11 am
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I rode my bicycle to work this morning. It is locked up about 15 floors below me. From home to the office (including parking) is about 6 miles.

How do I feel? I'll tell you once I ride home.


Jul. 18th, 2006 08:18 pm
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OMG. What a warm-up. Run. Kick. run. run this way. run that way. run this other way. run some more. Now that you are wiped out, do inch-worms with push-ups down the length of the dojo.

My shirt was soaked, my towel drenched, my water gone, and then there was another 30 minutes. What a great class! It is most definitely the hardest I have worked and the hotest I have been since the AC was fixed in the dojo. I feel great now. You don't feel so great when there is 10 minutes left and your arms feel like they are going to fall off, but, that is why you go! If I could capture that in-the-groove kickboxing endorphin second wind rush...

And the motorcycle ride home with the air whooshing past and my shirt open. Ahh, what a way to end the workout.

Got home, and BGFE [ profile] mle292 had dinner just about ready. Tonight is a good night.


May. 23rd, 2006 01:47 pm
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With all of the recent posts about bikes...

Last night, after yoga, I worked on my bicycle. I had to unbend a portion of the big gear 9no, i don't know how it got bent in the first place) and then spent some time adjusting the derailleur for the front gear. Grabbed my helmet, filled a water bottle, and rode on the trail to downtown. The around on Hennipen (as an interesting aside - LJ wants to fix this word, and one option is Heinlein) to the new library. Turned around and rode back home. 11+ miles, about an hour or so, with at least 15 minutes tied up wandering downtown. A guy on the bus told me to head off on the dirt trail and come in on 10th. That was cool, but left me woefully unprepared to find my way out again. Once I spotted a fellow biker I got going in the right direction again, and then had my destination confirmed by some helpful bikers whilst we were waiting at a light.

Got home, neighbor was out working on his new retaining wall. We had a beer and chatted for a while. Turns out he is a closet geek and plays EVE Online. So we talked EVE and WoW and drank our beers until it was dark and we both needed to be domestic again and take out our respective garbage. Not to overanalyze the beer, in this case a Mich Golden (from his fridge, not mine). Not too bad when you are sweaty and tired. And a Guinness, which i <3, but to be honest, is a little heavy after 2 hours of working out.

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Apr. 4th, 2006 12:30 pm
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Last night I was lifting. My mind started wandering and I was thinking why am I here? Not in the big cosmic sense, but what am I doing lifting. Note to self: When chest pressing 185 pounds and the bar is only half way up and is currently above your chest and neck is not the time to have thoughts like that. So I quickly channeled some Henry Rollins, "Iron doesn't lie" and kicked out another 4 to complete the set. Then I thought about it when there was a meager 60# of dumbbells above my skull. I gave it some thought on the drive home along the lines of I already spend 3 days a week kickboxing, and C is about to start yoga classes too (2-3 days per week). Hmmm. Then I got home and turned on my phone to several vms, and ran off to [ profile] mle292's. If you need to know why you can read her post.
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Despite not having a trainer, I still know what I am doing. Since we were in a strength phase, I decided to stick with that for a while. Strength phases for me go about 1-2 months, then I go back to endurance or cardio.

Bench Press. Been a long time, buddy. Need to see if I can get back to where I was, after several months of no real strength phase. Worked my way up, started with a pair of 45s, (bar weighs 45 too). Eight. Added 50 (25 each side). 4. Added 20 (10 each side) for my old total, 205. Once. Hrm, last time I did 3 of them. Step the weight down to the original 135. Not happy, so I grabbed a pair of 40# dumbbells and did two sets to 12 of single arm flies on the stability ball.

Alternated 2 sets of pull-ups (8 each) and dips (12 each).

Alternated 2 sets with 30# dumbbells of shoulder press (12 each) and curls (8 each).

Thought about heading out and realized I had not yet hit the legs or abs (except the balance aspect of the stability ball flies).

Oh, my friend the hip sled. Time to push. Hard. Loaded up 6x45 each side. 540#. A dozen. Well, that was easy. Grab another 45# per side. 630# (a new personal best). Hmmm, another 12. Okies. Another 45# per side. 720# (yep, another personal best). 8. That's better. Stretch. Unload the machine.

Hamstring curls, 2 set of 110#, which is mostly irrelevant since each machine for these is different.

Ahh, Calves. You know, i love doing calves. Keeps me looking good in a kilt. The machine maxes at 400# (which I have done in the past). Two sets at 400#. Next time I need to drop that down and go single leg.

20 crunches, 20 left side, 20 right side, 20 more. Stretch, shower, go out in the rain. Come home to [ profile] mle292 cooking veggie fried rice. Which is now almost done! :)

Time to go!
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I have had a personal trainer with whom I have met for about 4 years. I have actually had 3. The first one left to pursue her Masters and Physical Therapy work, the next one took a job at another club where she had more responsibility, and I have been with Sally for quite a while now.

Ever since I stopped traveling 50%+, I have been spending like I was getting quarterly travel bonuses and having half my meals covered. I went from 0 (yes, zero) credit card debt to over... well, more than my car is worth. This needed to stop. I was living like a typical American and overextending myself. I have cut down on plenty of extraneous spending, cutting down easy places like DVD and CD purchases, cutting out MMOs that I no longer played often, and recently cutting out lattes in favor of plain old coffee (and attempting to take advantage of discounted or free refills). But I still don't drink that crap in the cafeteria.

Well, the easy stuff out of the way, and over 80% of tax return to debt reduction, now the hard decision. Dropping my Personal Trainer. Without that cost, I should be able to get back on top of my credit card and get it to 0, as well as pay off my motorcycle this year (car has been paid off for quite a while). Then I can work on the HELOC. Aggressive, and I am sure plenty of financial planners would rather see it go into a roth or other investment, but hey, it's me....

There, more of my money issues than you ever wanted to know.


Jan. 30th, 2006 03:41 pm
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My "Be" protein bar lists NutriSoy as an ingredient. Some of you may be thinking, I have heard that term somewhere...

Life immitates art:
Quotes from the Shadowrun Official Rule Book:
The nutrisoy may not taste great, but at least it's hot.
And from Shadowrun Slang:
Nutrisoy n. Cheaply processed food product, derived from soybeans


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