Feb. 14th, 2009

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My headset was getting zotted (technical term, I know). I moved my PC from the floor to the desk. That did not help. I tried wearing shoes/slippers (not fuzzy) to reduce static electricity. That did not help. I had been using powered speakers with a subwoofer (subwoofer was on the floor). The subwoofer has not worked in a while. I tried a different set - but that subwoofer does not like my PC and makes a loud humming noise when it is attached. I also tried an unpowered set, but I could not get the volume out of them.

So today, I purchased an inexpensive set at Microcenter. Hooked it all up. And the right speaker did not work. After standing in the return line for a long time* I exchanged the 1 hour old set for another box and that set works just peachy. CA3000 is the model, small sub and two speakers. Sound is plenty good for my needs.

I have the following available for the low low cost of picking them up (or if we are going to be in the same place at the same time, taking them...
3 piece speaker set - sub hums on my PC, your mileage may vary
3 piece speaker set - sub does not work, may be something wrong with wiring
2 piece speaker set - unpowered, probably came with a PC purchased long ago.

*Microcenter needs to work on some processes. Returns line was about 6 deep. Internet Pickup line was about 4 deep. No significant line at the registers with 3 registers open. Two people (one cashier, one sales guy) working on a seriously convoluted exchange/return, 1 cashier doing the Internet pickup, and 1 cashier checking things in for returns (stuff already returned by customers - he was sorting for restock/send back to manufacturer). So, what is wrong with this? Only one person working the return line and being stuck on something very complex. Where was the manager to re-allocate resources? Why did none of the stock people/sales guys help out on the other 2 registers available for returns (there were no less than 3 sales people wandering around and 2 guys stocking merchandise)? Why did the guy doing the sorting not help out with returns? Seems a serious delineation of duties without regard to the situation. Or perhaps they lack in cross training their employees.


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